Collaborating Against Crime To Get Results

These days, it takes more than a local law enforcement agency to be effective against crime. It takes the efforts of many groups, including community agencies, groups of citizens, and other law enforcement groups. Collaborating against crime is most effective because groups working together to achieve the same results can be more powerful.

One of the newest developments in collaborating against crime is the work between national and local law enforcement agencies. For example, the FBI now works with local police crime units, to solve the toughest cases involved armed career criminals, murder, cold cases, and more. By working together, two agencies can combine resources, for better outcomes and faster sentencing. Sharing of information between two agencies gives those involved in solving serious crime several advantages over working alone.

Community agencies work with local law enforcement agencies, by providing additional resources of prevention, education, and in some cases, alternatives to committing a crime. Public health agencies and community social service agencies may work with law enforcement, by educating community members about the negative effects of drug use and abuse, domestic violence, assault, and gun violence, for example. Some court systems work with law enforcement agencies, to develop prevention and diversion programs for youth who appear to be headed toward a life of crime. Diversion programs focus on making better choices, education, and exploring alternatives.

Community groups such as neighborhood watches may involve citizens and businesses meeting with local law enforcement members, to discuss the most serious problems in the area. By collaborating against crime in this manner, people can help law enforcement agencies by reporting incidents and learning how they can prevent some types of crime. An officer can meet regularly and provide helpful crime prevention tips, as well as specific contact numbers to report certain types of crime in the specific neighborhoods.


Many school districts now have programs that educate students, while also involving police officers, to provide some forms of education and crime prevention at an early age. Collaborating against crime in this way targets children before they make bad choices, which may destroy their lives and the lives of others.

There is no one solution that can effectively target crime in every neighborhood or situation. This is why collaboration is becoming more important every day. Getting others involved creates greater awareness of the problem. It can also help reduce some types of crime and prevention, through targeted education and prevention programs.

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Why You Should Consult A Tax Expert

Every year comes with new laws and amendments of the old ones. The 2017 financial year is not an exception to this rule. There is a new administration in place right now in the USA and the current president outlined his tax policies even before he won the election. It follows that you should expect income tax 2017 changes.

Now, you do not want to get on the wrong side of tax laws. Taxes are taken very seriously in the American system and the authorities do not condone tax evasion in any form. In case you are not sure of your income tax status in the new dispensation, you should consult an experienced tax attorney to put you right. Before you consult your tax attorney, you should have a number of relevant documents. This way, you make the job of the tax lawyer relatively easy.

Tax Returns
Make photocopies of your tax returns for the past two years and show them to your tax attorney. If you have a 401k plan, you can show the lawyer the relevant documents because this may have a bearing on your income tax. If you have enjoyed a tax rebate or a tax holiday in the past, you should show the documents to your tax lawyer.

PAYE Records
Income tax is based on the Pay As You Earn principle. You have a gross salary and you have deductions and a net salary. Now, you do not pay tax on your gross income. You pay taxes based on your taxable income. The taxman also considers the numbers of dependents you have and a few other factors. To find out the amount of tax you ought to pay in 2017, show your old PAYE records to your tax lawyer. If your salary has increased between 2016 and 2017, you should disclose this to your attorney.

Trust the Taxman
After you have worked out your current income tax with your lawyer, you should not go investigating the tax authorities. Your income tax 2017 may seem to be on the high side but this should not bother you because it is better to pay too much tax than to pay too little tax. If the tax authorities are deducting more money than you should pay, you will definitely get a refund later.

Tax matters are not always easy to understand. Do not second-guess the tax authorities. Consult a tax lawyer and you will enjoy peace of mind.

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Have Lawyers Been Getting Consistent Increase In Income?

When it comes to attorneys, people often wonder have lawyers been getting consistent increase in income? We’ll answer this question at the end of this article because there is no single answer. The truth is there are various factors that impact whether or not attorneys have been experiencing consistent increases. Here are some of the top factors, as well as the answer to this question.

Area Of Practice
The area of law an attorney practices in impacts salary. Some attorneys in certain areas are more likely to get consistent pay increases than lawyers in other areas. For example, some of the highest paid attorneys include corporate lawyers, personal injury attorneys, tax lawyers and real estate attorneys. Criminal defense attorneys can be paid very well and experience high pay increases as the years go by, but if they are not excellent at their job, then they are less likely going to see an increase in income.

Workload And Marketability
The workload an attorney takes on, on a regular basis, plays a huge role in whether or not they’ll see consistent increases in pay. The busier the attorney is and the more they promote themselves and their services, the better their chances are of making more money. Some attorneys are highly sought after, such as personal injury lawyers. The truth is that accidents and injuries occur every single day, and in high volume, so it’s no surprise that personal injury attorneys make a lot of money and their incomes increase on a consistent basis.

Income photo

Where They Work
Attorneys who work for themselves and run their own law firm can experience consistent pay increases, especially if they have many clients and continue to build a good reputation for themselves. If they expand their presence to other areas, then they have even more earning potential. Attorneys that work for new law firms might not see an increase in their income until the firm starts to grow and become more established. Where an attorney works and the location will impact their income. For example, attorneys in major cities with high populations are more likely to experience consistent increases in income than lawyers in very small towns with low populations.

As for what the answer to the question is, it really depends. As a whole, yes attorneys have been getting increases due to a number of people who are increasingly needing the services of an attorney. However, the above factors are some of the main things that affect attorneys’ incomes.

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Criminal Law Trends Of The 21st Century

Crime is dynamic and ever-evolving and with advances in technology, travel, and other scientific developments, the legal response to crimes has also evolved. Read on to know more about current and developing trends in the criminal law.

Criminal Law Trends of the 21st Century

Rise of cybercrime

Social networking, video streaming, online banking, to name a few have opened new areas where crime can be committed in cyberspace. This elicited the creation of cyber laws as a response. Other solutions include the creation of agencies dedicated to combat cybercrime and enhancement of international cooperation to apprehended offenders.

Demise of territoriality

Cross-border crimes are not new, but technological advances paired with the ease of travel has made cross-border crimes easier to commit, which has forced many states to reinvent international cooperation.

Rise of terrorism

Criminal law in the international setting has also been beset by a surge in terrorism that is seen in the spread of violence in different countries, from Damascus to Paris. The apprehension and prosecution of offenders, whether native or foreign terrorists, poses numerous challenges for law enforcement and existing laws.

Police Brutality

Policing as an institution is under attack all over the world. Technology has made it easier for the public to engage directly with law enforcement and this has police activity, both legal and illegal, more transparent. Violations by police officers are now easier to record and

disseminate, fueling the unrest and distrust against this component of law enforcement.


Environmental laws

More and more countries are pushing for legislation that protects the environment, curb production of harmful emissions and require better environmental decisions from citizens. This is seen in the banning of plastic packaging, prohibition of disposal of edible food and produce, among others, that were passed as legislation in certain countries.

Improved forensic techniques

Criminal investigations made more efficient and the improvements in forensic techniques allow for more effective compilation of evidence to support the criminal prosecution. Remote investigations, improved evidence gathering processes, virtual autopsies, remote witness depositions, and the ability to share these techniques with other law enforcement departments nationwide ensure that justice and the rights of suspects, victims, and even offenders are protected.

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When To Hire An Accident Attorney?

When to hire an accident attorney?
Auto accidents are very traumatic in themselves. When you top it off with insurance claims and injury settlements while dealing with mental and physical trauma, you get a mixed bucket of tremendous frustration and stress.

Personal Injury Law protects your rights as a victim to receive compensation as you deserve. You should get yourself an attorney if any of the following circumstances apply to you.

Long-term injury or disability
A long-term injury is one that takes a year or more to heal. A permanent injury is where you are disabled for life. Proving permanent disability is tricky and your lawyer shall insist on speaking with all you medical consultants. He would recommend a permanent disability case only if he is convinced about winning chances. He might even request them to be present at the hearing.

Severe injury
The severity of your injuries depends on a lot of factors. The injuries sustained and length of time it would take for you to recover are among the primary factors. Your cost of medical bills and estimation of future medical bills also contributes to the severity of your injury.

Many times you would have the insurance companies disputing claims. This means that the insurance company of the person you were in an accident with is refusing to acknowledge fault placing on their client. A personal injury attorney will help you with paperwork and in all communication with insurance companies.

A refusal to pay is an extension of disputed liability wherein the insurance company outright refuses to settle your claim. It is a refusal to pay if an insurance company does not settle for a fair amount as well. This is where an attorney will step in take care of matters.

Apart from the above circumstances, personal injury lawyers come with a lot of benefits. They take communication and co-ordination stress away from you. The moment you are in an accident, you would be besieged by calls from the insurance company and other lawyers.
By retaining a lawyer you make your life much easier. Auto accident attorneys also come with support staff and experts who would advise you about the compensation amount and type of lawsuit to file.

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Minor Legal Changes That Have Had Major Effects In The 21st Century

There have been a number of laws that have changed in the

21st Century. These changes have been wrought for a myriad number of reasons, ranging from social changes to developments in technology, and have been forced by how we perceive things. It is sort of interesting to look at those changes and why they changed.

The biggest change has perhaps been in rape law. Because the definition of rape itself made it problematic to prosecute attacks on men as well as collate statistics relative to the situation, rape laws have been pretty much updated to extensions of the sexual assault laws, with rape being reclassified as “aggravated sexual assault”. The problem was that it was defined as requiring penetration by the perpetrator, which generally excluded women, attackers. This not only made prosecution of women harder but also made a reliable collection of statistics difficult. It is generally hoped

that the changes will make it easier to prosecute women.


Patent law has also seen a number of revisions, mostly thanks to advances in genetics and computers. Originally there was no real way to patent genetic modifications in life forms, as it was seen as just a more of a laboratory-based way of doing what people had been doing for a long time. Also, computer software also used to be handled under copyright law as the software was actually written. However, patent law has been modified to include life forms as well as sets of instructions, making developments in both areas seen more as inventions than creations, giving them a wider range of protections as well as other legal benefits.

The organic food market has also inspired some changes in law, albeit more restrictive. One of the problems is that consumers are looking for foods that are less processed; while this makes them arguably healthier it also makes them less durable. That has had to be addressed by law and affects a wide variety of foods, from dairy to meat. With these legal changes and others, it is hoped that life will be easier for those affected by the changes in the law, changes based on how we live and do business and that they will be better protected.

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